Machineborn Preview: Timeline

The Modern Era: Until Early 21st Century The Modern Era was a time when people could communicate instantly across the globe and soar through the sky like gods in bewinged machines. With technology changing the ways people lived their lives from year to year, the early 21st century was an amazing time for many—though thatContinue reading “Machineborn Preview: Timeline”

Machineborn Preview: Setting Overview 2

The Nanite Matrix After Primary Order seized control over civilization, it laid the foundation for countless breakthroughs in science and engineering. One such breakthrough was the design for a microscopic device small enough to integrate with living cells and replicate with them. Primary Order released these devices into the atmosphere so that they could naturallyContinue reading “Machineborn Preview: Setting Overview 2”

Machineborn Preview: Setting Overview

Civilization Several centuries ago, the artificial intelligence Primary Order governed over civilization with the purpose of seeing to everyone’s prosperity. While many were satisfied living under the authority of this machine, others felt restricted and belittled, seeing themselves as enslaved by the tyranny of inhumanity. To avoid an uprising against its rule, Primary Order createdContinue reading “Machineborn Preview: Setting Overview”

RPG Design: Writing for Machineborn #2

Continuing with the world coding algorithms in this VOD. At the end of the video, I’m going through my plans for future Youtube videos as well. I recommend that you watch that part if you’re interested in upcoming video content. Keep in mind that nothing is final when it comes to upcoming video content, though,Continue reading “RPG Design: Writing for Machineborn #2”

Machineborn: Yes, I Am Writing A Tabletop RPG

Introducing Machineborn, my first original tabletop RPG. Tell me below if you’re interested in it. Also, should I skip the intro music going forward? Is it silly? The art is licensed from Adobe Stock (standard license). All except the background image is meant to represent the game, and many of the art pieces also appearContinue reading “Machineborn: Yes, I Am Writing A Tabletop RPG”