Some Patreon Updates

Manuscripts and the Transhuman Tier

I’m going to make a small change to the Transhuman Tier. So far, the only thing I’ve offered that’s exclusive to that tier are the video manuscripts. I want to make those manuscripts available to everyone, because some people prefer reading to watching a video. I don’t feel good about keeping them behind a paywall and originally did so to have something exclusive to offer at a higher tier. The manuscripts will be available to everyone from now on.

Instead, I’m going to offer an exclusive item of some sorts to that tier every month (at least try to). This could be a resource of some sorts or a preview of some content I’m working on. The first thing I’m going to post this month is a preview of an Exalted project I’m working on for the Storyteller’s Vault called Cursed But Not Bound. If anyone recalls my old necromancy homebrew from years ago, this is a derivation of that project. It’s basically rules for playable ghosts and playable deathlords with hundreds of arcanoi (and plenty of Eclipse-keyworded ones). Some of the Transhuman Tier content will be made available to others later on. Some will not. 

Patreon PDF

I also plan to make a Patreon-exclusive PDF at some point that’s a collection of material from my videos revised into a book of sorts that will include chapters on game commentary, RPG discussions, and more. The idea is to keep updating this PDF as time passes and use it as a resource filled with my combined RPG musings. The plan for now is to make this PDF available for all tiers, but more information will come down the line.


Machineborn is getting close to its complete draft, but work will continue to fine-tune the game and to improve the text. I’ll post a new version of the PDF soon with more setting material. As you all know, the corebook has been written and layouted at the same time. This is not the ideal way of making a book but something I did because I enjoy the layout process. I will continue to post previews of any supplement I’m working on after the corebook is done and released, but it’s possible that those previews will be text-only.


It was easier to be productive when I was a student. Since I’ve started my professional career, there has been a lack of content. I apologize for that and I’m trying to figure out ways to crank out more content at a good pace without overworking myself. These projects are one of my true passions in life and I love working on them. Even if they slow down at times, I’m not giving up on them, and I plan to keep creating content for years to come. Please let me know what kind of content you like to see.

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