Machineborn is a game, but the machineborn are the evolution of humanity; They’re the offspring of mankind, technology, and curiosity; They’re utopia and dystopia, ascension and demise, all in one; They’re the inevitable continuation of you.

Machineborn is a science fiction game in a world where humanity is a loose term. More people have the power to change themselves after their own image, because the overall image is that humanity is flawed. Advanced prosthetics replace weaker limbs; expensive biotherapies alter a person’s DNA and turn them into new and improved versions of themselves. No one is born perfect, but perfection can be bought if you have the means to do so.

It’s a dystopian world that challenges the perception of yourself. It’s a social darwinistic world where survival is for the fittest, and where giant superpowers ensure their survival by making sure that there are always people under their heels. It’s a dark and ugly world where everyone is so obsessed with what they can become that they forget what they are and where they’re coming from. It’s a world where humanity is better and worse—as inconsistent as ever, but in a more dangerous package.

Finally we have the machineborn, those who have transcended a step beyond even that and hold the future in their hands. The machineborn seem to appear where strength is needed the most. They’re of man and machine, but if they’ll fight for man or fight for machine can only be determined by the story you tell.

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